Quadra Island sea kayaking tours & Quadra Island B&B accommodation near Vancouver Island British Columbia

Quadra Island Sea Kayaking Tours and B&B accommodation near Vancouver Island

Some of Vancouver Island’s best sea kayaking is in the Discovery Islands, near Quadra Island, British Columbia Canada. Sheltered channels and clear waters provide splendid sea kayaking adventures and we offer a variety of lodge-based and wilderness sea kayak tours for your next Quadra Island sea kayaking vacation!


In between Vancouver Island and the spectacular Coast Mountains, Quadra Island is part of a group of forested islands carved apart by narrow channels and tidal passages. This is a perfect place for sea kayak tours and adventures! Attributes of the area are a rich first nations cultural history, abundant natural resources, a mild climate and magnificent scenery.


Inhabited for more than 8,000 years by indigenous peoples, these remote islands have been settled in the last century by pioneers and independent folk with a strong appreciation for the wilderness.


A short ferry ride from Campbell River on Vancouver Island BC, Quadra Island and Cortes Island have small friendly communities and just-enough services so you can get everything you need, and also indulge in good meals, and local arts and culture. Quadra Island and Cortes Island are geographically diverse and largely undeveloped, with mountains, natural rainforests, freshwater lakes, and endless shoreline. There are many parks, and the islands have road & extensive trail systems allowing for inland exploration by car, bicycle and foot.... Read Island is centered in this small Vancouver Island archipelago.


Read Island is a 40 square km island - population 65 - without a BC ferry transportation link. Surge Narrows is the community centre, with a general store, community hall, one-room school, and Canada’s only floating post office!


Quadra and outer Island residents are largely self-sufficient, earning income from salmon & prawn fishing, oyster aquaculture, logging, guiding and tourism, including sea kayaking and wilderness adventure tours. 


The unsurpassed natural beauty of the islands, along with our special relaxed pace known as “island time” make the Discovery Islands area a great holiday destination. Long or short, a sea kayak tour in this splendid wilderness is sure to provide welcome escape from everyday cares. It’s a natural recharge and it works!

Our Weather

Quadra Island is in the "rain shadow" of the coast mountains, thus we are spared the fog, drizzle and rain associated with many other parts of the Vancouver Island coast. This means warm summer temperatures and mostly sunny skies can be expected! It is nevertheless important to be prepared for rainy weather... (Murphy's Law still prevails!)


Quadra and other Discovery Islands' biological uniqueness is created by the convergence of three very different bio-climatic eco-sections. Our warm and sunny mediterranean "Georgia Basin" environment is tempered with North Pacific "Inland Oceanic" effects. This combined with the continental influence of the "Interior Fjordlands" sets the stage for rich diversity in both marine and terrestrial environments.

Our Wildlife

In the Islands around Quadra Island, we are privileged to live in one of Vancouver Island’s most diverse and abundant environments and on our kayak camping tours you will enjoy opportunities to observe many kinds of west coast wildlife close-up. In the dense temperate rainforest, some wildlife designs to visual camouflage and challenges observing eyes, but much sea and shore life is brightly visible. Observable wildlife varies throughout the season, depending on the availability of food, and lifecycle behaviours. Sea and shore bird are abundant and active in early summer and the area's large population of Bald Eagles is mating, nesting and highly visible. Canada’s west coast wilderness contains the world's last near-normal population of the endangered Marbled Murrelet. Other prevalent sea birds include the Great Blue Heron, Common Loon, Surf Scoters, Merganzers, Coots, Oyster Catchers, Murres, Guillimots, Golden Eyes, Grebes and a host of Gulls. While sea kayaking, you can expect to see Seals in the water and on shore. Mink, Otter, Raccoon, and Blacktail Deer are common residents. Late summer brings increased sightings of Pacific White-sided Dolphin and Harbour Porpoises. We are just south of Orca territory but Pods do occasionally stray onto the routes of our kayak tours. Venturing into the Fjordlands we may see Black Bear; other mammals which are present but rarely seen, are Wolves and Cougar.

Grizzly Bears:

We offer Sea Kayak tours to a remote First Nations’ village site where you can have a unique wildlife adventure and Native cultural experience. British Columbia Grizzly bears feed on salmon in the PapKnatch River estuary where kayakers can watch without disturbing, or view from platform blinds. Join one of our sea kayaking tours to the wildlife and Grizzly Bear sanctuary in Xwemahlkwu traditional territory on the British Columbia mainland. You will have opportunities to watch Grizzly Bears from your kayak! Coast Mountain offers this Vancouver Island, Canada, wildlife sea kayaking adventure in cooperation with the Xwemahlkwu First Nation. British Columbia’s Xwemahlkwu First Nation welcomes us to view wildlife and learn about native culture at PapKnatch Village site.

Orca Whales:

We do not offer whale watching tours for two reasons. First, we are committed to our local Discovery Islands community and choose to be bioregionalists in our business practice. We operate close to our home, these spectacular islands which do not have a resident population of whales. We are also concerned for whale populations: Orca (Killer Whales) are now listed on Canada’s endangered species lists. Studies point to human activity as a primary reason for the decline in resident whales and tourism is a significant disturbing activity. While we recognize the appeal of paddling next to magnificent and gentle wild creatures, we believe they may not be able to withstand the constant presence of human observers.


Our goal is to provide safe, environmentally responsible, educational and fun-filled sea kayaking adventures along British Columbia’s most beautiful wilderness coast! No previous experience is required for our kayak tours; we've designed our kayaking trips to accommodate different levels of experience and ability. Many people on our tours are first-time kayak paddlers, but seasoned kayakers will also have challenging and rewarding journeys exploring some of British Columbia’s most extraordinary west coast wilderness. We welcome everybody, all we ask is that you bring along your spirit of adventure -- and be ready for a lot of fun!


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Discovery Islands Lodge offers Quadra Island sea kayaking tours in and around the Discovery Islands near Vancouver Island in British Columbia Canada. Our Quadra Island sea kayaking camping tours and lodge based nature vacations start east of Campbell River BC. Guided Quadra Island kayaking & wildlife tours include kayak instruction and lessons, wilderness B&B accommodation & kayak camping in spectacular remote island locations. We are one of BC’s original kayak companies – natural island-ocean-mountain wilderness adventures since 1987!


Some of the best island Quadra Island sea kayaking is in the Discovery Islands, near Campbell River, British Columbia. Sheltered channels and clear waters offer splendid sea kayaking adventure and Coast Mountain Expeditions offers a variety of remarkable British Columbia wilderness lodge and Quadra Island sea kayaking tours for your next Quadra Island sea kayaking vacation!