Quadra Island sea kayaking day trips near Vancouver Island, BC

Regional Information

http://coastmountainexpeditions.com/content/tides-currents-0 Tide and current tables.

www.northcentralisland.com Tourism North Central Island site with lots of information about Vancouver Island, Discovery Islands, Strathcona Park and other great places to explore. www.discoveryislands.ca Guide to BC's Inner coast paradise offering information about Quadra, Cortes, and the Outer Islands; view maps and the annual edition of the Guide to the Discovery Islands. www.britishcolumbia.com Site about Beautiful BC: things to do and see. www.vancouverisland.com Site about Vancouver island: things to do and see. www.cortesisland.com All about Cortes Island, our wonderful neighbour-island which offers a whole different array of special places and things to experience. Ferry from Quadra Island. www.BCAdventure.com Commercial site with many-many-many listings and links to BC Adventure companies. www.weatheroffice.com Local weather information www.discoveryislandsrealty.ca Friendly, honest and local, the real estate company specializing in Discovery Islands properties.

Places to stay and things to do

www.warmrapidsinn.com A b&b on the famous Cowichan River, British Columbia known for whitewater kayaking. www.campingbc.com Living Forest Campground in Nanaimo, BC: a good place to car-camp if you are overnighting in the city. www.RobsonBightCharters.bc.ca Robson Bight Killer Whale Watching Tours Explore the great diversity of wild animals on the rugged British Columbia coast. Boat tours on a very comfortable 56-foot Yacht bring you right to the heart of the wildlife action - killer whales, black bears, grizzly bears, eagles - every trip is different! www.island.net/~s-kayak Kvarno Guest House at Ucluelet BC, an inexpensive & friendly place to stay if you are going to Pacific Rim national Park and the beaches of the West Coast. www.campingbc.com Living Forest Campground in Nanaimo, BC: a good place to car-camp if you are overnighting in the city www.Hollyhock.ca Cortes Island Holistic Retreat centre offering many interesting programs. www.farmstay-ca.com Farmstay b&b and cottage rental on Quadra Island www.strathcona.bc.ca Strathcona Park Lodge offering access to great hiking, canoeing, climbing in BC's oldest park www.quadraislandvacationrentals.com Booking service for a variety of Quadra Island rental accommodations

Kayak Information & Instruction

www.wildernessfirstaid.ca Slipstream Wilderness First Aid: BC company offering excellent instruction & industry-standard courses for kayak guides and anyone living or working in remote locations. www.liquidskills.com Canada's premier whitewater kayaking school, located on the Ottawa River www.playboat.com Find out about whitewater instruction with Canada's world champion freestyle kayaker, Ken Whiting www.surfkayak.org Vancouver Island Whitewater Paddling Society site. www.kindredspiritkayak.com Whitewater kayaking and swiftwater rescue courses.

Kayak Equipment

www.oceanriver.com Located in Victoria, a Vancouver Island kayak store with lots to offer. www.cdkayak.com popular kayak manufacturer located in Victoria, BC www.seawardkayaks.com home of excellent Canadian kayaks designed and manufactured in Ladysmith BC www.albernioutpost.com Nanaimo BC kayak & gear store, good source for most paddling supplies www.aquabound.com Aquabound Paddles: Canadian and simply the best www.brookspaddlegear.com North Vancouver manufacturing company specializing in neoprene kayak wear www.mec.ca Canada's recreational equipment coop, stores across the country and a good mail order service.

Organizations we support

www.georgiastrait.org Site of Georgia Strait Alliance, an NGO caring for our coastal waters: general information, news and events. www.wilderness-tourism.bc.ca Wilderness Tourism Association is a regional association of businesses promoting wilderness preservation as an economic imperative. www.livingoceans.org Information about current efforts to develop offshore oil reserves and other coastal concerns www.raincoastresearch.org Alexandra Morton's site with information about orca whales, local ecology and environmental issues www.canadians.org Council of Canadians offers a Canadian perspective on relevant global issues

Publications we enjoy and endorse

www.policyalternatives.ca For the politically minded, the Canadian Centre for Polcy Alternatives offers carefully thought out response to status quo government policy. www.focusonline.ca A great Vancouver Island/Victoria based magazine. www.watershedsentinel.ca Local environmental news.

Other Links

www.southernadventures.com.au An Austrailian sea kayaking company offering tours, rentals, etc www.seashelldiving.com A diving tour company near Union Bay, Vancouver Island, British Columbia www.whitewaterexcitement.com White Water Rafting California : Whitewater Excitement provides California white water rafting tours, which include the best value and pricing for river rafting California. www.Sonoraresort.com Sonora Island Fishing Resort For Travel information links, please go to our how to get here pages Web design by SeedPod Design