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Sea Kayaking Instruction & Paddle Canada kayak courses

Kayaking Skills Instruction:

Lessons & Courses for BC Kayaking Adventures

Improve Your Sea Kayak Skills for safety, self-confidence and more fun!

Whether you're taking your first paddle strokes, or looking to challenge yourself in tidal rapids and surf, we want to help you become a better paddler. Our sea kayaking instructors are experienced, certified, and eager to help you build your kayaking skills.

We offer the following courses and instruction:

• Introduction to Kayaking (Paddle Canada Sea Kayak Skills certification)
• Intermediate Kayaking Skills (Paddle Canada Level 1)
• Advanced Kayaking Skills (Paddle Canada Level 2)
• Tidal Rapids Kayaking
• Kayak Skills Refresher
• Kayak Rolling
• Okisollo Wave Kayak Surfing

Please contact us with any questions. Custom dates may be arranged. Small groups and individual registrations are welcome. Four people are usually required to run formal courses at published rates.

Introduction to Kayaking (Paddle Canada Sea Kayak Skills)

Skills and Safety for New Paddlers: A full day of new skills with time for practice in a supportive and beautiful environment.

• From the start: getting in and out of the kayak at beach and dock
• Kayak equipment: what you need to be comfortable and safe
• The paddle: hands-body-paddle position and efficient motion
• Basic paddling strokes and maneuvering
• Rescue and re-entry: assisted and self-rescues
• Safe kayaking: do’s and don’ts

One day: 9 am - 5 pm, Discovery Lodge, Quadra Island
Prerequisite: None - Everybody is Welcome!

Course Cost: Instruction $125 Cdn, plus tax. Minimum group size 4. Paddle Canada Sea Kayak Skills certification available ($15). Kayak rentals available.

Custom dates available. Please contact us if you are interested!

Intermediate Kayaking Skills (Paddle Canada Level 1)

A Discovery Weekend: Two days to learn & practice, with evenings to relax & enjoy friends.

Intermediate course content includes:

• Paddling ergonomics: hands-body-paddle position & efficient paddling.
• Basic and advanced paddle strokes
• Increasing stability: edge control and low brace
• Capsize and recovery: basic and advanced rescue techniques
• Reading tide and current tables, navigation, and weather considerations
• Safety fundamentals: skills, emergency equipment and common sense

2 days: kayak skills & on-water training

Prerequisite: Some previous paddling experience is recommended, but not necessary if you are fit and keen.

Course Cost: Instruction $300 Cdn (min. group size 4), plus tax. Includes Paddle Canada Level 1 certificate on completion of requirements. Kayak rentals available. Accommodation available at Discovery Islands Lodge.

2017 Course Dates:

May 13-14 (Sat-Sun)
June 24-25 (Sat-Sun)
July 15-16 (Sat-Sun)
Aug 23-24 (Wed-Thurs)
Sept 20-21 (Wed-Thurs)

Additional custom dates may be available. Please contact us if you are interested!

Advanced Kayaking Skills (Paddle Canada Level 2)

This 5-day course reviews and advances kayaking hard-skills, including paddling in moving water, advanced safety and rescue skills. In preparation for self guided kayaking, participants will learn and practice:

• Advanced paddle strokes
• Rolling
• Introduction to tidal rapids paddling
• Towing techniques
• Trip planning and leadership
• Kayak camping skills, equipment & tricks of the trade
• Coastal weather and predicting ocean conditions
• Navigation skills
• Avoiding and managing emergencies

5 Days: instruction and practice, includes 2-days kayak camping trip.

Prerequisite: Paddle Canada Level 1 or equivalent; kayaking experience.

Course Cost: $700 Cdn (min. group size 4), plus tax. Paddle Canada Level 2 certificate on completion of requirements. Kayak rentals available. Accommodation available at Discovery Islands Lodge B&B/hostel.

2017 Course Dates:

May 12-16 (Fri-Tues)
July 5-9 (Wed-Sun)

Additional custom dates may be available. Please contact us if you are interested!

Tidal Rapids Kayaking

Have an adventure! Surge Narrows and Okisollo tidal rapids are perfect playgrounds for learning about moving water and developing skills for thrills and safety. We’ll share knowledge about:

• Kayak designs
• Moving water: theory and reality
• Kayak handling: theory and practice
• Strokes, eddying, edging, bracing, maneuvers.

On-water Coaching: Gain confidence and perfect skills with friendly helpful advice and how-to demonstrations by Coast Mountain’s expert certified instructors.

(Spectators welcome: There are beautiful places to sit and enjoy the on-water entertainment.)

Every Day: Most days there's a big enough tide - and it's always a lot of fun.

Prerequisites: Previous experience required; basic-good rolling skills highly desirable. Appropriate personal equipment is necessary. You should be a little daring and have a good sense of adventure.

Cost: per person $125-250 depending on group size, includes dry land theory and 3+ hours on-water instruction in flood-tide current. Start times vary depending on tide-time. High performance kayak rentals available. Accommodation available at Discovery Islands Lodge.

Kayak Skills Refresher

For Renters (or anyone) with Slightly Rusty Skills: Three hours dryland and on-water instruction, plus half-day “free-time kayaking” -- or continue on your overnight kayak camping journey! We'll review and practice:

• Getting in and out of the kayak
• Basic strokes and maneuvers
• Efficient & effective paddling
• Kayak rescues and re-entry
• Tides & currents: understand tables
• Low impact coastal camping information

Available most days - reservations advised.

Course Cost: Includes kayak $110-190Cdn per person, plus tax (depending on group size.)

Note: Coast Mountain Expeditions requires paddling experience and capsize recovery skills for non-guided kayak rentals.

Kayak Rolling

Just do it! Come learn this technique that will increase your safety and confidence in rough water conditions – and check out where else you can play when you have a solid roll!

• 3 hours of coaching and guided practice

Prerequisite: Fitness and basic paddling skills.

Cost: $75 - 150 Cdn, plus tax per person, depending on group size.

Gear List for Performance and Whitewater Paddling

We can supply some of these items, others you will need to bring, some are optional.

• Spraydeck
• Paddle (appropriate for your kayak)
• Paddling jacket
• Helmet
• Wetsuit or shorty (or drysuit – but may be too warm in summer)
• Synthetic (warm) underwear
• Earplug
• Noseplugs (for rolling practice)
• Boots
• Neoprene socks
• Neoprene coldwater cap
• Neoprene gloves