Tide and Current Tables for our area – Discovery Islands Lodge

Tides & Currents

Tide and current tables are helpful for planning kayak trips. If you plan to paddle through some of the area’s tidal passages, you will need to know when and how fast the currents are moving. There are moments each day when the tide “reverses” and the current is “slack”. This information, along with projected direction and speed of the next tide, will help you plan safe passage.

Don’t wing it! These areas are potentially very dangerous and to stay safe you need to understand what’s happening when and where! With proper timing and appropriate skills, tidal passages can be safely negotiated by kayak.

If you are not familiar with how to read the tables, find out. Be sure you understand which way the tide flows and ebbs through the passage(s) you plan to traverse. Remember to adjust* for daylight savings time if necessary – some tide & current times are all presented in standard time:

Canadian Tide & Current Tables Vol 6