UPDATE – January 27, 2021

Discovery Islands Lodge Plans 2021 Operations

Dear friends and customers,

We’re please to announce that we will be continuing to provide accommodation and kayaking services for the 2021 summer season – reservations are now open! Although we wish it weren’t the case, Covid continues to present challenges to our operations that are not easy to navigate. With widespread vaccination not expected to be a reality until the fall, we will be offering full-lodge rentals and limited kayak daytrips only (similar to our 2020 program). Due to existing travel bans and advisories, we are not currently taking international bookings. We’re big supporters of keeping it local. Here is what we are offering for the upcoming summer:

Accommodation & Kayaking Packages

The entire lodge will be available for rental for safe ‘bubble groups’ for scheduled three-night stays with a built in guided kayak daytrip in the Surge Narrows Marine Park. Adjacent sets of dates may be combined for those looking for a longer stay. If you are travelling with a group of experienced kayakers, the daytrip may be replaced by a skills course or more ambitious daytrip route. The lodge will be not be staffed and your group will be responsible for all meals (apart from lunch of the daytrip). Kayak rentals will be available for those have the required experience. 

Rates: $600/night + $45/night for each additional person over 8 (maximum group size: 12) + $110 per person for kayaking (minimum 4, maximum 10 participants).

For example, consider a group of 10 for 3 nights: $600/night + $45/night + $45/night = $690/night. Add $1100 for kayaking (assuming all 10 guests wish to participate). Total: Accommodation $2070.00 + Kayaking $1100 = $3170.00 ($317 per person). These prices do not include applicable GST (5%) & Hotel PST (8% – accommodation only).

To view available dates and inquire about making a reservation, please fill out the form on our Rervations page. For general questions, please email: discovery@coastmtn.com or phone 250-285-2823.

We are looking forward to another fantastic (and slightly modified) summer ahead! 


Albert, Kate, Ralph, Lannie, and the rest of the CME/DIL team